Gallery with Basil Minns, Diane Minns, Jessica Minns, and more

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Firewood: Diane Minns

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Bahamian born, Diane was raised in George Town in the building that is now Sandpiper Arts & Crafts. The original building (middle section) was started in the early 1940’s by her grandfather Robert Minns and finished it after World War II. Diane studied photography at Miss Halls School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Endicott College and at the New England School of Photography in Boston where she became interested in creating silk-screen prints (serigraphs) portraying the people and places in the Bahamas. Sandpiper was established in 1980 as an outlet for her work and for other Bahamian artwork and Handicrafts. Her love for the islands and their people is expressed in her prints which depict people, animals and places on Exuma and Cat Island in particular. Diane now paints in oils and acrylics, her paintings are reproduced on tile art.

Salt Marker: Basil Minns

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A native Exumian, Basil Minns was born in George Town and has chosen to live here most of his life. Anticipating the possibilities of growth with the advent of tourism in 1957 he promoted the first organized bone fishing on Great Exuma. Basil is continually involved with community affairs, boating, environmental issues and artistic pursuits. A gifted photographer, he has accumulated a collection of photographs portraying Exuma over the past fifty years. He also paints in oils and acrylics, creates replicas of traditional Bahamian Boats and makes exquisite wire sculptures depicting Bahamian life.

Firewood: Diane Minns

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Born in the Bahamas and raised on the island of Exuma where her ancestors date back to the early 1700’s. Jessica Minns is a multi- talented visual artist specializing in ceramics, painting, print making and photography. Jessica has expanded her wares to include original paintings, prints, art cards and T-shirts.Jessica studied ceramics and fine arts at Northern University in Flag Staff, AZ, Fukuoka University of Education in Japan and Southern Cross University in Australia, earning her BA in Fine Arts from the latter in 2010.Inspired by the natural beauty of the Bahamas and the surrounding ocean, Jessica’s creations are a unique representation of this gifted artist’s heartfelt passion for her island home.