Basil Minns Gallery

A native Exumian, Basil Minns was born in George Town and has chosen to live here for most of his life. Anticipating the possibilities of growth with the advent of tourism in 1957 he promoted the first organized bonefishing on Great Exuma.  Constantly involved with community affairs, boating, environmental and artistic pursuits. A gifted photographer, Basil has accumulated a collection of photographs showing Exuma over the past fifty years. He also paints in oils and acrylics, creates replicas of traditional Bahamian Boats and makes exquisite wire sculptures depicting Bahamian life.


Basil is an active member of the Bahamas National Trust and was instrumental in having the Moriah Harbour Cay area (between Great  and Little Exuma) declared a national land and sea park. In 1998 Exuma Council appointed Basil as chairman of the newly created Exuma Tourism and Environmental  Advisory Committee (TECH). In recognition of his work, Basil received the 1999 Cacique Award for “Nature Tourism” His keen intelligence, wide reading and avid curiosity  has resulted in a prodigious knowledge of the Exuma habitat.

His work is sold at Sandpiper Arts and Crafts. A portion of his sales will be in support of the future Exuma Museum.

  1. Pink House on the Beach
  2. Queen Angelfish
  3. Basil
  1. mid sixties